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Dental Care Today
Dentists in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs
Dr. Desmond Yiu
Dr. Michelle Ang
Dr. Sophia Jing

244 Canterbury Road
Forest Hill 3131

Tel: (03) 9894 2233

Open Monday - Saturday
9AM to 6PM

Dental Care Today: Careful, caring dentistry
Dental Care Today: Careful, caring dentistry

Careful, caring dentistry

Lauched last year, Dental Care Today is a centre for comprehensive dental care-providing all aspects of dentistry from dental emergencies and preventive treatments to complex oral rehabilitation.

Dr Desmond Yiu said the clinic’s focus was providing long-term solutions for their patients’ dental needs, and to make advance dental procedures (such as braces and dental implants) as accessible and affordable as possible.

The dental team includes Dr Michelle Ang and Dr Sophia Jing, conversant in Cantonese, Mandarin and Shanghainese.

“We have the competency and thoroughness to provide patients with the best possible dental care,” said Dr Yiu.

Dental Care Today provides a thorough examination and diagnosis to create an individualised treatment plan from which the dentist delivers the most appropriate care for each patient.

Among the services the clinic offers are tooth whitening treatments, veneers and dental bonding that can restore and rejuvenate worn-down smiles, and dental implants used to replace missing teeth.

“We can provide patients with completely new implanted teeth that have the same function and appearance as the original,” he said.

Dr Yiu said people should wait at least an hour after eating before brushing their teeth, as food produces plaque acids that weakens the tooth’s enamel.

“Brushing immediately afterwards wears away the weakened enamel,” he said.

Experienced dental advice in Melbourne's eastern suburb of Forest Hill, provided by Dr. Michelle Ang:
Posted on Wednesday April 24, 2024

"Teething is a very painful time for babies and toddlers and needs to be managed carefully."

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Dental Care Today

The Careful & Caring Dentists in Melbourne Eastern Suburbs


Phone: (03) 9894 2233

244 Canterbury Road, Forest Hill, VIC 3131, Australia
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