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Affordable braces in Melbourne eastern suburbs
Affordable braces in Melbourne eastern suburbs
Orthodontic treatment is provided by general practitioners whom have received additional training in the area of orthodontics.
Our providers are accredited Invisalign providers.
Our providers may refer you to a specialist for further assessment and/or treatment.
Our providers may terminate treatment at any time if oral hygiene is not optimal, and continuation of treatment will cause more damage to the teeth.

No Gap orthodontic consultation
Each registered person of the practice is entitled to one orthodontic consultation without gap payment.
If the person receiving no-gap orthodontic consultation has dental insurance, then the cost of consultation will be billed to his/her private health insurance provider.
If the person receiving no-gap orthodontic consultation does not have dental insurance, then there will be no payment on the day.
The no-gap orthodontic consultation may be part of the examination when discussing the overall condition of the mouth.
If a person wishes to further discuss his/her orthodontic treatment needs without committing to have orthodontic records taken, then a consultation will be charged.

Conventional Braces
Cost of conventional braces consists of metal brackets/tubes/bands on permanent upper and lower teeth, wires, adjustments during the treatment and 1 set of retainers at the end of the treatment.
Additional procedures such as removal of teeth, although is part of the treatment, will attract additional fees.
Additional attachments onto the braces to achieve optimal outcome may affect the cost of treatment.
Each individual have different treatment needs and respond to treatment differently. This may affect the total cost of the treatment.
Cosmetic braces can be provided at individual’s request at additional cost.

Invisalign treatment is a computer generated orthodontic aligner system. The final outcome of the treatment may be different to that predicted at the beginning of the treatment.
Additional aligners may be required to achieve desired results.
Invisalign Basics will allow up to 14 sets of aligners. Additional sets of aligners to achieve desired results may result additional charges.
Invisalign Complex will allow unlimited set of aligners for up to 5 years.
Loss of aligners during treatment regardless of Basic or Complex will result extra charges.
Cost of Invisalign does not include retainers provided by Invisalign. If retainer provided by Invisalign, Vivera, is desired, then additional charges will apply.
Refinement of teeth at the end of Invisalign treatment with conventional braces to achieve more desirable result may attract additional fee.

Teeth will move throughout life, even after completion of orthodontic treatment. Some experience more tooth movement than others.
On completion of treatment, all patients will be provided retainers, either fixed in the mouth, or can be removed during the day.
It is important to wear retainers as instructed to maintain results.
If teeth relapsed following orthodontic treatment and re-treatment is requested, additional fee may be charged.

In compliance with the Dental Board of Australia code of conduct for advertising, we are required to include the following statement:

"Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriate qualified health practitioner."

Experienced dental advice in Melbourne's eastern suburb of Forest Hill, provided by Dr. Michelle Ang:
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"Teething is a very painful time for babies and toddlers and needs to be managed carefully."

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